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Preparedness is what we do: A proactive way of life

How Do First Aid Kits Expire? An easy look at two very different first aid kits
I’m a huge believer in first aid kits. It’s a type medical insurance. The thing is that first aid kit
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LifeStraw Water Filter Easy Instructions, Review, and Limitations: Is it right for you?
Episode Contents: 0:16 What is the Vestergaard LifeStraw Water Filter? 0:30 How does the LifeStraw Water Filter Work? 0:33 Why
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Finding your Peaceful Bench – Exploring Canada’s Westport and Brier Island
For this episode, I was in the Nova Scotia village of Westport on Brier Island. It’s a part of Canada,
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The Better Preparedness compact filming kit
The ultimate compact YouTube and outdoors filming kit for under $100?
If you are new to YouTubing, you do not need to invest vast sums of cash on every gadget imaginable
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Fox 40 Boat Essentials Kit – Full Review || Boating in Canada and the USA
The following are some great emergency items.  Please ensure that your legally required items are approved for your craft, your
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10 Lessons Learned of a Middle-Aged YouTuber
If you have ever thought about starting a YouTube channel, you should.  Why not start this week?  There are many
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How I voted in the Canadian Federal Elections from the African bush! Your elected leaders should lead when there is
Always exercise your right to vote! Your elected leaders will be the ones leading the response to crises and disasters
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Easy Guide to Doing the 2020 Cape Town Cycle Tour || World’s Biggest Cycling Race
The Cape Town Cycle Tour is a bucket list cycling event but how do you enter and have better chances
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Easy Guide for a Minimalist Travel Scuba Diving Kit?
This is a minimalist travel scuba diving kit that you can build so that if you have the chance to
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How often do you see Bears, Moose, Deer, Wolves and Coyotes in Canada?
In movies and documentaries, you see bears, moose, deer, wolves and coyotes up close in Canada and the United States.
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Two 2019 Canadian Wilderness Searches – Lost Hikers versus Evading Murder Suspects
Two lost young women hikers in Ontario’s vast Algonquin Park and two young male murder suspects evading authorities across Canada’s
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6-Hour Ride from Ottawa Canada with a Tornado Warning // Decisions and Gear Choices
You are planning a big self-propelled outing by foot, bicycle, paddling, etc… In the days before, the weather forecast is
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Black Bear Safety Tips for Safer Experiences in the Outdoors
Black Bear Safety Tips for Canada and the USA || Preparedness in Bear Country
Are black bears dangerous?  Yes, potentially, but with good habits and bear knowledge, most black bear encounters will be safe
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The Routine Vehicle Walk-Around Inspection Pays Off || Safer Driving
We step outside, unlock the car or truck, start the motor, and away we go. Most of time, that works,
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Want Safer Cycling and Running Events? Organizer and Participant Responsibilities
Many of us enjoy running, cycling, paddling or cross-country skiing sporting events, and I want to talk about a shared
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80% of Boating Deaths Could be Prevented || Wear a Lifejacket and Make it Mandatory!
In the northern hemisphere, boating season is now underway.  Throughout the tropics, it’s always boating season.  In the southern hemisphere,
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Dangerous African Snakes Briefing and my Top 10 Tips to Reduce the Risk
My family has lived on and off for years in East Africa, North Africa and presently live in Southern Africa. 
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A Good Friday turned Tragic Friday: A Ride to Remember Cyclist Andrew Randall
Mid-morning on Good Friday 19 April 2019, I sat with a dozen cycling club mates and enjoyed a lovely post-ride
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Your Easy Guide to Emergency Survival Whistles and How to Use Them
If you get separated from your group, you have a crisis, you are lost, or you need help from anyone
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Pre-Race Bike Wash and Inspection || Easy Checklist to Improve Reliability and Performance
When I first started bicycle racing, it was back in the mid 1980s.  I was obsessed with BMX racing and
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The New 2019 Canada Food Guide: Helping Prevent our own Health Crises and Financial Ruin
Health Canada released the new 2019 Canada’s Food Guide.  It’s taken decades but I feel we finally have a winner. 
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Welcome to Better Preparedness, your source of information, tutorials and products to help prevent, prepare and respond to life’s emergencies and crises.  Being proactive is a reassuring way of life.  I have a consultancy in emergency management, I was volunteer firefighter, I’ve worked in humanitarian crisis zones, I’m a passionate outdoors person, and I’m a husband and dad.  Believe me, I see the value that better preparedness brings all of us.

My name is Blair Walker and my goal is to provide you the preparedness skills, confidence and if you are missing important safety gear, I’ve addressed that too.  I have developed a solid inventory of products available through Amazon.

If you buy something through, my goal is to have you understand why you are acquiring that item, how it will help you and how you use it.  At no cost to you, I receive a small affiliate commission on those purchases which helps keep this website and blog running, and I thank you for that.  Be in touch and tell me what topics you’d like explored and share your experiences.  I appreciate your support!

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