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What’s in a Mayday Home Earthquake 4-Person Emergency Kit? A Helpful Illustrated Guide

All levels of government advise you to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster or other major crisis. There are some good commercial emergency kits but they always need your personal touch! Let’s take one 4-person kit apart and see what you get. The international standard is that a household should be equipped […]

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Emergency Management at Home? Document Your Home’s 10 Critical Systems in 20 Minutes.

“Help, how do I turn off the electricity or water?”  I’m here to help your household understand how your home systems work.  I will look at 10 critical elements towards a safer home experience.  Included is a free emergency management Home Systems Checklist!  Add your experiences and tips in the comments section below! Click here […]

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Smoke Detector Beeping and Chirping – Why and how to fix it!

There is a big difference between a chirping bird and a chirping beeping smoke detector alarm. Let’s fix the electronic chirping! A smoke detector alarm will start a loud and repeating chirping or beeping tone to alert the occupants or property managers that there is a problem, usually to replace the battery or entire device […]

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