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The Routine Vehicle Walk-Around Inspection Pays Off || Safer Driving

We step outside, unlock the car or truck, start the motor, and away we go. Most of time, that works, except when it doesn’t work. A tire is almost flat? Vital vehicle fluid is leaking? A routine vehicle walk-around inspection can help detect a developing problem, crisis, or catastrophe. Once in while, you will detect […]

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How to a Rent a Car in Africa | Renault Dacia Stepway Review | Cape Town

#BetterPreparedness Renting a car anywhere in Africa can be daunting. I’m here in South Africa. Let’s look at some tips towards a safe experience. Rent the car for your needs, for your group size, choose a vehicle suited to the worst terrain you will drive, and take every opportunity to be safe. The includes bringing […]

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11 Tips for Safari Success in East and South Africa

“How do we do a safari outing?” is the question I get asked all the time by friends and colleagues travelling to or moving to Africa.  Having explored 15 African countries, tens of thousands of kilometers, and countless weekends and trips equips me to answer that question. I will look at 11 key elements towards […]

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How to use an OBD2 code for your car’s check engine lights and error codes!

Your check engine light and vehicle error codes don’t have to be a mystery.  You can do this.  I will show you how!  Obtain an OBD2 code reader and learn how you obtain those error codes or maybe check your vehicle emissions.  It’s easy and you can store one in your vehicle for whenever you […]

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