Better Preparedness on the COVID-19 Coronavirus: YOU CAN HELP!

You are one of the heroes in helping defeat or helping flatten the COVID-19 Coronavirus statistics growth curve. You can help! Focus on you and those around you, and you will be doing your part. Better Preparedness is behind you all the way!

You can only infect others with COVID-19 and worsen the global, national, state/provincial, and local statistics if you get it in the first place, so let’s isolate ourselves and follow the guidance to stay healthy. And if you were to get the virus, it is critical that you protect your community from being infected by you.


Here are some of my trusted sources:

Do your research right now for your national, provincial/state, and local resources and bookmark them. By doing so, you find out what applies to you and what resources might be available to you.

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Share your experiences in the Comments section below. Has it been easy to find clear guidance for your location?

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