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Fox 40 Boat Essentials Kit – Full Review || Boating in Canada and the USA

The following are some great emergency items.  Please ensure that your legally required items are approved for your craft, your use, and your location(s). 

I’d love if you give your feedback in the comments section below if you’ve had good experiences with these kits and items.

Fox 40 Boat Essentials Kit:

Fox 40 Paddlers Safety Pack:

Fox 40 SUP Safety Kit:

Solid compact compass:

Solid but bulkier compass:

Rescue Throw Bag for boating:

Emergency Telescoping Paddle:

Hand Pump for pumping water out of boat, canoe or kayak:

Dry bag and Phone Case combo:

Waist-belt dry pouch:

Dry Box in safety orange:

Twin pack of Emergency Whistles:

Emergency whistles 12-pack:

Small craft anchor:

Paddle float:

Waterproof First Aid Kit:

Be safe when you are having fun.

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