Preparedness is what we do: A proactive way of life

On 31 July 2020, Canada released the COVID Alert smartphone app to help identify exposure to COVID-19. The app is
You want to visit the wonderful wildernesses in Canada and the northern USA but you are worried about the mosquitoes
Which is better, the Leatherman Squirt PS4, Victorinox Swiss Army SD Classic, or perhaps the Gerber Dime? The answer is
Packing for a 4-person camping weekend is an exercise in identifying your needs, your risks, and bringing your essential gear.
Should you still buy a Canon EOS SL2/200D in 2020? 18 months of using this camera gives me the confidence
Doing big road trips and camping trips are fun and can involve a lot of gear.  Stuffalanches or worrying about
On May 1st 2020, South Africa went from Level 5 Lockdown to Level 4, and that means being allowed to
Emergency whistles can be very loud but what sound do they make? Let's test these seven models and talk about
Motorcycle taxis can be dangerous. They can also be the main transport in congested cities across the world. Join me
Locking down a country is unprecedented. With an invisible villain and all the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, how will countries
Food Supply, Safety, Crowds, and Optimism during this pandemic. Day 6 of South Africa's 21-day Coronavirus Lockdown, I ventured out
What is an emergency management view of the COVID-19 crisis? Measuring preparedness, responses, successes, and the grounds for optimism IF
It's Day 5 of South Africa's Lockdown and the same around the world. Let's talk pets and pet preparedness. Yes,
It's Day 4 of South Africa's Lockdown and a good time to do a quick Home Emergency Readiness review. In
It's Day 3 of South Africa's Coronavirus Lockdown. Today I look at: 1. HEALTHY EATING AND HYDRATION: Looking at this
It's Day 2 of South Africa's Coronavirus Lockdown. Today I look at: 1. Essential Services/Critical Infrastructure: South Africa has committed
21-day lockdown in South Africa, here we go! Time to find our rhythm as wait do our part and distance
Like the scene from a movie, South Africa is entering a 21-day lockdown to get the upperhand on the COVID-19
You are one of the heroes in helping defeat or helping flatten the COVID-19 Coronavirus statistics growth curve. You can
Let's talk safety for Airbnb, hotels, and general holiday rentals. You can certainly make an effort to select units that
Understand your risks, and learn and practice your solutions at home, at work, travelling, in sports, and in the outdoors.

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