How Do First Aid Kits Expire? An easy look at two very different first aid kits

I’m a huge believer in first aid kits. It’s a type medical insurance. The thing is that first aid kit elements expire in different ways and at different timings. How do first aid kits expire? Adhesives breakdown. Medications change for the worse. Creams and liquids dry up or leak. Items get used. Join me in this episode and I’ll answer these questions by looking at two different kits.

Make sure you buy the kits that suits your likely needs and add any additional items you could need.  A first aid kit is only useful if you have it with you.  Refresh and replace items that have expired and past their prime.

First Aid Kit Suggestions

Small size First Aid Kits:

Protect Life:

Active Era:

Medium Size First Aid Kits:

Swiss Safe 2-in-1:

First Aid Only:

Mylar Space Blankets:

Large Size First Aid Kits:

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit:

Protect Life:

OSHA & ANSI Industrial First Aid Kit:

Other Useful First Aid Elements

First Aid Kit Signs:

Locking wall cabinet:

CPR Mask:

In the Comments Section below, how do you deal with your first aid kits and the expiry of items and components?

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