How I Make Each YouTube Episode – Step by step

Becoming a YouTube creator and producing regular video episodes can seem daunting but it’s not.  You can do it!  Video by video, you will develop your rhythm of how you work and keep refining it to release content more swiftly and produce better quality.  I get asked what goes into producing my episodes, so here is a run-through of my current workplan.

Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to produce more of this behind-the-scenes material and I’d be happy to make it for you.  Share your experiences as a YouTube newbie or as a veteran.  What works for you?

What kit do I use for my YouTube episodes?


1. Wall Outlet Power
For North America (plug Type A), these twin-USB Ailkin wall chargers are great:
For mainland Europe, you will need a Type C plug such as:

Which Power Banks Do I Like?
1. Anker PowerCore+ 3,350mHa
2. Jackery Bolt 6,000
3. iMuto 10,000mHa
4. iMuto 20,000mHa

Vehicle Plugs :

Compact Solar Panel
ECEEN options: 1. Low price, low weight and compactness:
2. Higher capacity solar panel:

Cables, Cables and Cables…
Chafon 6 in 1 charging cable:
Lightning cables and longer Lightning ones:
Micro-USB cables for Samsungs or 3ft long cables:

Plug Adapters
Ceptics has a great 12-piece plug adapter set:
There are also specific adapters to suit most needs just take note of what plug you have and what the destination plug is. Remember to check the voltage!

My very portable filming set-up:
I’ve filmed many of episodes with my cellphone:
Awesome Battery Pack with display when filming with a cellphone:
Lavalier Microphone:
Smartphone Rode Directional Microphone:
Bendy Compact Tripod:
Full Size Tripod:
Tripod Mount for Smartphones:
Sony Digital Audio Recorder:
Waterproof bags! Protect your gear!
My Studio set-up (and still portable):
Canon DSLR of choice:
Canon go-to lens:
Shotgun Microphone:
Lavalier Microphone:
Full Size Tripod:
Ensure you have the various spare batteries such as for the Canon and the two microphones.
Memory Capacity:
Go-to Portable USB Hard Drives:
Rugged Portable USB Hard Drives:
Memory Cards: SD size (for my Canon):
Memory Cards: Micro SD size (for my Samsung S7):
Waterproof Memory Card Case: article:

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