LifeStraw Water Filter Easy Instructions, Review, and Limitations: Is it right for you?

For this episode, I explored the popular LifeStraw by Vestergaard. Should you buy one or many? That depends. I share the strengths and weaknesses. It’s top strength is as a lightweight emergency water filter and should be added to your emergency kits and as a back-up filter. Its biggest weakness is that I would not want to use it for extended duration mass water drinking.

LifeStraw Filtering Options

There are several options for filtering water either while camping, travelling, or in a critical emergency context.  Having used water filters in these contexts, I highly recommend you buy to suit your needs.  Dropping your only filter or suffering a broken filter could create a major problem of not having safe water.  Regardless of the more sophisticated options, make sure you have a back-up such as the LifeStraw or Sawyer Mini.

Emergency filter, inexpensive, and lightweight: LifeStraw:

Hiking, inexpensive, and lightweight: Sawyer Products Mini:

Higher volume filtering: Katadyn Vario Dual Water Filter:

Higher volume filtering: MSR Water Works EX:

Water bag and filter Platypus:

Water bag and filter LifeStraw:  

Episode Contents:

0:16 What is the Vestergaard LifeStraw Water Filter?

0:30 How does the LifeStraw Water Filter Work?

0:33 Why do you have to soak the LifeStraw before using it?

0:46 How do you flush the LifeStraw when clogged?

0:55 Using a LifeStraw in a lake or river?

1:28 The LifeStraw as a great emergency device

1:50 Is the LifeStraw good for a long trip?

3:00 What alternatives are there to a LifeStraw as the primary water filter?

3:08 Can people share a LifeStraw water filter?

3:42 Find the best water possible as your source

3:50 Can the LifeStraw filter saltwater or seawater?

4:01 Can the LifeStraw filter pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals?

What are you experiences with the LifeStraw or similar product?

I’ve shared my opinions about the Lifestraw and similarly designed water filtration set-ups. What are yours? Share with others in the Comments section below.

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