My YouTube Channel Gear List

I am often asked what equipment I use to produce my Better Preparedness YouTube channel videos.  I also find it fascinating to see what others use so this is me providing you what I use.  Keep in mind that I am always testing new pieces of equipment and striving to use my equipment better.

Always test and know your set-up works before you will need to depend on it.

Hey, you are on and so not surprising, I want you to factor preparedness and redundancy into your gear.  Ensure you have spares of critically important items so you have a Plan B, or even a Plan C, D,…!

You will see below that I have two set-ups and I am happy to have that since I have a back-up set-up.  My “Very Portable Set-up” could be used in the event that my so-called “Studio Set-up” failed on me for whatever reason.

Consider a Gear Packing List

I worry about not having each piece of gear needed for a particular outing and so it’s a good idea for you and I to have packing lists for the different types of filming anticipated.  Which microphone(s) will you need?  How many tripods and which types of tripods and mounts do you need?  How many batteries and battery packs will you need?


The world runs on electricity these days and so ensure you have allllllllllllll the batteries, sufficient spare batteries, plugs, cables, cable types, and means to recharge everything you use.

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to your filming location, being all ready for the shoot, and discovering that your display is blinking the almost dead battery symbol and you don’t have any spares for that piece of equipment!

For foreign locations, ensure you have multiple plug adapters for that location.  For example, here in South Africa, I need to have both the two round pronged European style plug adapter and most importantly the (rather unique) three thick rounded prong adapter.  You never know what of the two plugs you’ll have to use.

Voltage: Ensure you know the voltage used in those foreign locations and ensure your equipment can handle that voltage.  I try to avoid buying anything these days that is only 110V or 220V.  It can also be hard to see on a package or website if an item is only 110V or 220V, or if it is the ideal 110V-240V capable.  You do not want to be lugging a heavy electricity transformer to charge a 110V item in a 220V location, or vice versa.

Powerbars: A power bar can be critical if you only have access to one plug but need to charge multiple chargers.

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My very portable filming set-up:

I’ve filmed many of episodes with my cellphone:

Awesome Battery Pack with display when filming with a cellphone:

Lavalier Microphone:

Smartphone Rode Directional Microphone:

Bendy Compact Tripod:

Full Size Tripod:

Tripod Mount for Smartphones:

Sony Digital Audio Recorder:

Waterproof bags!  Protect your gear!

My Studio set-up (and still portable):

Canon DSLR of choice:

Canon go-to lens:

Shotgun Microphone:

Lavalier Microphone:

Full Size Tripod:

Ensure you have the various spare batteries such as for the Canon and the two microphones.

Memory Capacity:

Go-to Portable USB Hard Drives:

Rugged Portable USB Hard Drives:

Memory Cards: SD size (for my Canon):

Memory Cards: Micro SD size (for my Samsung S7):

Waterproof Memory Card Case: