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Preparedness is what we do: A proactive way of life

Commercial home disaster emergency kits, an honest opinion // Should you buy one? Yes.
Should you buy a commercial home emergency kit? My answer: Yes.  Read on to see why. I think it’s a
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12 Essential Camping Gear for a 4-Person Family | South Africa Weekends!
Packing for a 4-person camping weekend is an exercise in identifying your needs, your risks, and bringing your essential gear.
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Royal Natal National Park, South Africa | Best Short Drakensberg Run and Hiking Trail
You want to go hiking or trail running in South Africa’s amazing Drakensberg Mountains. But where? I’ll show you how!
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Supporting Women’s Pro Sports to Promote Active Living | South African Road Cycling Championships
Yes, we can try to fix health we’ve broken or neglected it. But what if we promote active living, women’s
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What’s in a Mayday Home Earthquake 4-Person Emergency Kit? A Helpful Illustrated Guide
All levels of government advise you to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster or other major crisis.
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ECEEN 10W Folding Solar Panel | A Helpful Illustrated Guide | Critical Accessories
We all know about solar panels, but do you actually need one?  How well do compact solar panels work?  I
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How to a Rent a Car in Africa | Renault Dacia Stepway Review | Cape Town
#BetterPreparedness Renting a car anywhere in Africa can be daunting. I’m here in South Africa. Let’s look at some tips
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11 Tips for Safari Success in East and South Africa
“How do we do a safari outing?” is the question I get asked all the time by friends and colleagues
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How I Make Each YouTube Episode – Step by step
Becoming a YouTube creator and producing regular video episodes can seem daunting but it’s not.  You can do it!  Video by
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Easy Must Have Smartphone Battery Charging | A Helpful Illustrated Guide
Easy. You can do this. You can avoid the stress and consequences of a dying or dead mobile phone battery.
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Emergency Management at Home? Document Your Home’s 10 Critical Systems in 20 Minutes.
“Help, how do I turn off the electricity or water?”  I’m here to help your household understand how your home
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Smoke Detector Beeping and Chirping – Why and how to fix it!
There is a big difference between a chirping bird and a chirping beeping smoke detector alarm. Let’s fix the electronic
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Prepare to Succeed in Ultramarathon Running and Cycling || Mont-aux-Sources Trail Ultra
This is a different type of race review and I’m excited to share it with you to help prepare your
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When Things Go Very Wrong – Learn from it! || Emergency Management lesson the hard way
#BetterPreparedness We all make mistakes in our planning and actions. In this episode, I look back on an axe incident
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New Canon SL2 / 200D DSLR Unboxing with Canon 18-135mm Lens
#BetterPreparedness Please subscribe if you haven’t already.  If you have already subscribed, thank you!  There are new videos each week
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Your Ultimate Packing Guide for Ultramarathon Running || Identifying your Needs and Risks
How do you pack for an ultramarathon event?  I’m here to help you answer that question.  What to bring? Let’s
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Mylar Blankets – Unwrapped and how to use them! My top tips!
A mylar rescue blanket is a cheap emergency heat reflective blanket to help protect from the sun, cold, wind, rain,
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Bike Helmets: 30 Years of Protection || I am a firm believer
I started wearing bike helmets 30 years ago and I firmly believe it has made me a safer cyclist.  I’d
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Bringing ID Could Save Your Life when Cycling, Running, and Outdoors
Let’s talk about the importance of having identification with you.  Should you bring your wallet or ID bracelet? What might
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Build your Minimalist Emergency Kits for Cycling, Running and Hiking || Simple Steps
Build minimalist emergency and survival kits so you can resolve many of the common hazards and risks, and get back
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10 Tips for Flying Solo With Children and Staying Sane
How to travel solo with the children is a tough question most parents have to face.  With good planning and
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Welcome to Better Preparedness, your source of information, tutorials and products to help prevent, prepare and respond to life’s emergencies and crises.  Being proactive is a reassuring way of life.  I have a consultancy in emergency management, I was volunteer firefighter, I’ve worked in humanitarian crisis zones, I’m a passionate outdoors person, and I’m a husband and dad.  Believe me, I see the value that better preparedness brings all of us.

My name is Blair Walker and my goal is to provide you the preparedness skills, confidence and if you are missing important safety gear, I’ve addressed that too.  I have developed a solid inventory of products available through Amazon.

If you buy something through, my goal is to have you understand why you are acquiring that item, how it will help you and how you use it.  At no cost to you, I receive a small affiliate commission on those purchases which helps keep this website and blog running, and I thank you for that.  Be in touch and tell me what topics you’d like explored and share your experiences.  I appreciate your support!

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