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Preparedness is what we do: A proactive way of life

10 Easy Steps to Building your Ideal First Aid Kits
There is no perfect First Aid kit.  Let’s talk about ideal first aid kits.  The ideal first aid kit is
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Packing and doing a 4-hour hike in South Africa’s Golden Gate mountains
JUMP TO: My 4-hour solo hike conditions were hot and sunny but with the possibility of a thunderstorm.Here was the
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How to choose the tools for child bike emergency repairs
Cycling is a hobby, a means of commuting, and a passion.  Is has its risks, though, and by looking at
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How to use an OBD2 code for your car’s check engine lights and error codes!
Your check engine light and vehicle error codes don’t have to be a mystery.  You can do this.  I will
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10 Ways to Run or Bike in Foreign Locations
You want to be active in a foreign location but you’re not sure how or if it’s safe to do
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Better Preparedness on YouTube!
In life, we have the opportunity to take initiative and look at our risks to see where opportunities there are
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Welcome to Better Preparedness, your source of information, tutorials and products to help prevent, prepare and respond to life’s emergencies and crises.  Being proactive is a reassuring way of life.  I have a consultancy in emergency management, I was volunteer firefighter, I’ve worked in humanitarian crisis zones, I’m a passionate outdoors person, and I’m a husband and dad.  Believe me, I see the value that better preparedness brings all of us.

My name is Blair Walker and my goal is to provide you the preparedness skills, confidence and if you are missing important safety gear, I’ve addressed that too.  I have developed a solid inventory of products available through Amazon.

If you buy something through, my goal is to have you understand why you are acquiring that item, how it will help you and how you use it.  At no cost to you, I receive a small affiliate commission on those purchases which helps keep this website and blog running, and I thank you for that.  Be in touch and tell me what topics you’d like explored and share your experiences.  I appreciate your support!

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