Emergency Shelter

There are many options for emergency shelters and there are many types of conditions and scenarios in which they could be critical.  Consider your locations, potential weather conditions, and the numbers of people requiring shelter.  An emergency blanket or shelter is only useful if you have it with you when you need it.

Getting lost or suffering a serious injury during a mountain biking, climbing or trail running outing could leave you stranded in dangerous conditions and overnight waiting for assistance.  A mylar foil blanket is extremely compact and available in packs of 10.  Add one to each person’s backpack or back pocket.  Open one of those mylar blankets and assess its strengths and limitations.  If you encounter someone injured on the trail or road, give them that foil blanket to cover up and reduce their risk of hypothermia and other complications.

While you are at it, think about your emergency communications and how you will contact assistance or rescue.  Do you have all those numbers on paper in case your phone is lost or not working?

Ideally that emergency shelter is what will help protect you from the elements while you sort out your next steps or rescue.