Bicycle Puncture Repair

A flat tire or puncture in cycling should just be a momentary pause in your outing, not a crisis or a long walk home. The right tools for that bike and a bit of knowledge and practice, and you’ll have the confidence that you can repair that puncture. Remember to replace your tires and inner tubes when at the end of their lifespan, and very importantly to always keep your tires properly inflated to prolong their lifespan and puncture resistance! Train others rather than just repair for them. Puncture repair is a key and easy skill for any cyclist.

We at Better Preparedness recommend having 1-2 spare inner tubes along with a patch kit with a fresh tube of glue.  Remember to have a quality get-me-home mini pump to inflate your tire after you do the repair.  Always use a quality floor pump with a gauge to start each ride with your tires properly inflated.