Bicycle Multitools

For each of your bicycles, ensure you have the multitool with the correct tools and tool sizes for the repairs you might need to make roadside or trailside. The multitool has to match the bike!  A quality multitool will last longer and likely be gentler on the bolts and nuts you are tightening.  A consideration is that the more the tools, the bulkier and heavier a multitool can be.

Also invest in home tools for when you make repairs at home as they are more user friendly.

To consider for each multitool purchase:

  1. Allen wrenches (most are in metric sizes (MM) but some old bikes might have inch sizes) sizes needed
  2. Philips and flathead screwdrivers
  3. Hex wrenches for certain star pattern bolts
  4. Spoke wrenches (ensure the size for your spoke nipples)
  5. Chain tool (ensure for your particular chain and have spare links)
  6. Wrench for non-quick release wheel nuts
  7. Bottle opener?
  8. Other tools as per your bicycle…

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