Wrist ID Bracelet

We love our sports. We run some risks. If the worst happens or a child or adult gets lost, having key identification and contact numbers can help reunite those people with safety. Add the contact numbers of key people or entities that can assist. In crisis times, stress can make it hard to remember certain phone numbers. Have them with you on your wrist. Also, update your information if it changes.

Remember that these bracelets do not replace valid identification.  The bracelet is an additional tool in improving your safety.  If it helps to ensure you have it with you, have multiple ID bracelets and keep one in your car, your training bag, and at home.

Also, think through what happens when a stranger were to call one of the numbers on your bracelet.  How do you need to brief and advise those contact people on your bracelet ahead of time?  What information and course of action do those contacts need to help your crisis?

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