The Routine Vehicle Walk-Around Inspection Pays Off || Safer Driving

We step outside, unlock the car or truck, start the motor, and away we go. Most of time, that works, except when it doesn’t work. A tire is almost flat? Vital vehicle fluid is leaking? A routine vehicle walk-around inspection can help detect a developing problem, crisis, or catastrophe. Once in while, you will detect something and can therefore deal with it before it deals with you. Be proactive about your safety.

In this case it was a screw that had punctured the tire and caused most of the air to leak out. A quick walk-around detected it. I inflated the tire with my bike pump, determined it was a slow leak and safe to drive, and following a short stop at the tire specialist, it was repaired. No crisis, not stranded roadside, no major worries.

Here are some good options of air compressors and bike pumps that are a must to always keep in your vehicle(s):

Various Portable Air Compressors:

Portable Air Compressor (cigarette outlet) :

Portable compressor and battery jump starter:

Good quality floor bike pump with gauge:

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge:

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