The Wonderful Canadian Biting Bugs… The bug seasons, conditions, and what you can do!

You want to visit the wonderful wildernesses in Canada and the northern USA but you are worried about the mosquitoes and other bugs. The bugs can be annoying. What are the biting bugs seasons and what are the biting bugs? What can you do about the bugs?

In Canada and the northern USA, we have blackflies, mosquitoes, deerflies, horseflies, midges, and ticks. Yes, the bugs can be annoying but each bug has its season, and you can understand the bug conditions and how to reduce your bug experience.

Understand the bugs you will face and what you can do about it.

Summer camping South Africa and Canada require much of the same gear. Be prepared.
If you are in biting bug country, make sure to have some bug repellent and also some first aid items to control the itch.
While being out on the water can decrease the exposure to bugs, add some bug head nets to your boating kit so that you can grab them if the bug conditions turn bad.

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