What is Better Preparedness? It’s living more safely and enjoyably.

Understand your risks, and learn and practice your solutions at home, at work, travelling, in sports, and in the outdoors. Think of it as emergency management made easy. For me, it’s a simple proactive approach to living more safely and enjoyably. Join me from Kampala, Uganda, for a recap of Better Preparedness and www.BetterPreparedness.com after 18 months.

Let’s take car travel. What if certain actions and steps could make car travel safer, and probably more fun? Would you learn those actions and steps? I would. It frustrates me when I hear the nonsense saying of “Accidents happen.” No they don’t. The rules of the road and automotive best practices are intended to avoid having two cars in the same space (i.e. crashing) at the same time.

Poor vehicle care, driver inattention/impairment, poor driving habits, insufficient good habits, insufficient crisis preparedness, … they all increase your risks of being in or causing an incident.

Properly inflated un-worn tires and serviced brakes will both lead to better road handling and better ability to maneuver or brake in the face of a danger. An alert driver not impaired by alcohol or drugs, and not distracted by a mobile phone will likely pilot the vehicle more safely and be able to better read the dangers. Logical, no?

For this episode, I did a recap of the Better Preparedness so far.

Did you know that the website also has an online store of preparedness products for at home, at work, outside, and on the road? Check it out! If you have any product recommendations write them in the Comments section below! Thanks!

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