When Things Go Very Wrong – Learn from it! || Emergency Management lesson the hard way

We all make mistakes in our planning and actions. In this episode, I look back on an axe incident that cut open my shin and created a serious medical emergency deep in the woods.  I provide the lessons I learned towards better preparedness.

You want to prevent these types of incidents but you need to have the equipment and knowledge to deal with them when or if they occur.  First aid training and a solid first aid kit are so important and you can improve your first aid kit with this: 10 Easy Steps to Building your Ideal First Aid Kits

One of the key pieces of equipment missing from that first aid kit were strips to close the wound.  I’d thought that car kit them but I found out the hard and painful way that they were missing.  I now always ensure that my various first aid kits contain these: https://amzn.to/2zvBW16

Emergency kits help you deal with and hopefully resolve the non-medical sides of crises.  Build emergency kits tailored to you: Build your Minimalist Emergency Kits for Cycling, Running and Hiking

Remember to always bring ID with you.  You do not want to be deprived of critical care because there was no way of proving who you are: Bringing ID Could Save Your Life when Cycling, Running, and Outdoors

Share your experiences in the Comments section below.  What experiences have you learned the hard way?  Is there a piece of equipment you now always bring with you for that activity?

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