Black Bear Safety Tips for Canada and the USA || Preparedness in Bear Country

Black Bear Safety Tips for Safer Experiences in the Outdoors

Are black bears dangerous?  Yes, potentially, but with good habits and bear knowledge, most black bear encounters will be safe ones.  This is the Better Preparedness approach to being outdoors in bear country across most of Canada and much of the USA.  Be bear smart and safer.  Bears can be a hazard and present a risk of attack but I feel you can reduce your risks and improve the outcomes of bear encounters.

Most of Canada and many parts of the USA are black bear country.  Learn to live with bears and adopt good bear habits.  Let’s talk about children and bears, discouraging bear visits, how to react when you see a bear, and many other tips.

Bear spray: 

Bear bell (small):

Bear bell (large):

Hiking poles:

Bear spray is viewed as the best option in terms of a very close encounter with an aggressive bear.  You need to learn how to safely handle bear spray, how to transport it on you, and how/when to use bear spray.

I included bear bells in the above links but there is a big debate about bear bells.  I do not use bear bells but I have had bear spray in the past. 

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What are your bear stories? Does the thought of bears scare you away from exploring the outdoors? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.


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