How to choose the tools for child bike emergency repairs

Cycling is a hobby, a means of commuting, and a passion.  Is has its risks, though, and by looking at one’s risks, you can find opportunities for better preparedness.

Prepare your bike and gear so it holds up to the demands you put on it.  Have the right clothing for the expect and unexpected conditions.  Protect your head and eyes.  See, be seen and be heard to improve your safety and the safety of others, regardless of the weather or light conditions.  Ensure you meet and surpass your legal safety requirements.  Take the steps to deal with anticipated punctures and mechanical challenges.  And of this applies to children’s bicycles, too!

Let Better Preparedness help you get equipped.

In short, be prepared, get out there, have fun and get home safely.  Also, while you are it, help share your knowledge with the next generation and promote safe cycling and habits.

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